About 3Chairs.net

I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.

H.D. Thoreau

Henry David ThoreauThe quote above comes from Walden, and I’ve always loved it. It resonates with me because it captures the essence of sitting – alone, with a friend, or in a group.

Recent studies show Americans spend about 8 hours per day sleeping, and 13 hours per day sitting. Given that sedentary lifestyle, it is important to have the right chairs in your life.

I know this is important for me, as I work from home and spend much of my time online. Spending too much time in the wrong chair kills my back, and has caused a variety of other issues with my hand, arm, and shoulder. As a result, I have spent some time researching the best kinds of seating for different tasks.

Another factor that lead to starting 3chairs.net is my special needs daughter. My youngest child has significant special needs, and is unable to walk. As a result, she has a special transport chair that we use to move her both inside and outside our home. We also have a special car seat that allows us to take both shorter and longer trips with her in the car.

Without these specialty seating options both our and our daughter’s lives would be significantly limited. But thanks to the miracle of specialty chairs and seating options we can work, travel, and be comfortable. And my desire is to offer that same freedom to you, via the chairs and seating products I cover here on this website.

I hope you find the posts here useful, and share in my appreciation of chairs and seating. And if you have an interesting story or memory about a specific chair, please share it.