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Welcome to 3Chairs, your source for information on all manner of seating products. Whether you need a chair for your home, office, campground, or car – we have you covered. 3Chairs offers general information on how different types of seats perform, so you can get an idea which one is best for your seating needs. And we provide detailed chair reviews and comparisons, so that when you are looking to take a load off you can make an informed decision.

Home & Living

kitchen stoolsYour home should be a place of relaxation, recuperation, and rest. Certainly sleeping is one way that happens, but sitting is also a significant part of how we enjoy our time at home. To maximize the enjoyment of that time requires the right kinds of chairs.

Most people eat in several different settings within their house, each requiring differing indoor seating. For formal occasions there is the dining room, where a dining room table and matching chairs offer space for a shared meal. Some homes have a separate kitchen table that is more frequently used for informal dining, and therefore need more comfortable kitchen chairs to match. Many of today’s open floor plan homes also have a breakfast bar of some kind, which require taller chairs for access.

Living rooms need chairs too, and there are a number of different styles to fit the bill. Recliners are the most popular, as they are great for reading, watching TV, or just grabbing a quick nap. Many people also add a rocking chair to this area, as they are a classic form of relaxing seat. And don’t forget the beanbag chair – they are perfect for kids to crash in while watching cartoons or playing video games, and can be put away when not in use.

For those who really need to relax, a massage chair can be the perfect solution. These modern miracles can help you relax, ease tired and sore muscles, and aid you in recovering from a day of work.

Office & Task

office chairsRelaxation isn’t the only reason we sit. Many jobs and tasks require people to be seated to properly perform them – often for extended periods of time. In those instances, the right chair makes all the difference in the world.

Office chairs are one of the largest segments of the seating industry, and also one area that sees continual innovation. Employers recognize that people do their best work when they are comfortable, and also want to ensure that their employees stay healthy and functional. That is doubly true for the growing number of self-employed. People who work from home are more likely to invest in a quality office chair.

Gaming chairs are another growing segment. With the explosion of video game use in recent years, more and more people are looking to at proper seating as a requirement for optimal game performance. Because of that, many people are getting off the couch and into chairs built from the ground up with video game play in mind.

Other types of tasks also spawn unique seating options. For example, many people are turning to kneeling chairs and yoga ball chairs in an attempt to preserve their back health while working or doing school work.


beach chairsThe great outdoors presents a number of opportunities to sit down and relax. But kitchen chair or office chair are not going to work for any of them. Thankfully, there are a number of environment-specific seats available for the people embracing nature.

Nothing beats a day at the beach, but laying on a towel in the sand is not the best way to enjoy it. A good beach chair will keep you up off the grainy bits, while still giving you a comfortable way to soak up the sun and listen to the sounds of the sea.

For those who like to spend time around the pool at home, seating is a primary consideration. Since many pools are surrounded by concrete a comfortable lounge chair is a requirement. There are almost endless variations that are both weatherproof and designed for relaxation.

Sitting around a camp fire is another fantastic way to enjoy both company and nature, but parking your posterior on a stump or rock is far from comfortable. A good set of camp chairs can give you and your tribe cushy front row seats to the marshmallow roast.

Even though many of these chairs are radically different from each other, they each have their intended purpose – providing a comfortable place to sit for their users.